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Thundercats Fandom Awards Polls Open

Since nobody else had things to say about the nomination list, it's been declared official and binding. Complaints about it now will be ignored. You had a week to say something.
Feel free to use the list to reference when voting. It's here:

Some of you already voted, but here's the lowdown anyway.

If you notice anything off, incorrect, or whatever in the polls let me know right away. Unfortunately, to alter the poll after it's posted will delete any votes taken so far and we'll have to start over on that one if a mistake was made, so I would have preferred people have waited a bit to start voting but ah well. Hopefully, I didn't mess anything up.

I did manage to get ALL polls up in all divisions. So this is it for everything. Good luck to all!

I remind you that voting is anonymous, so don't worry that your bestest buddy online will be mad at you when the polls close and they see you had the gall not to vote for them ;) This is why it's anonymous!

Polls will close automatically on March 3rd, so be sure you get your votes in. You get only one vote per award and nobody but the mods can see the tallies before the polls close. What can I say, it's good to be mod ;)

Yes, as with nominating, voting for yourself is discouraged but if you don't have any conflicts of conscience about it, there's nothing we can do to stop you. Do whatever you can live with.

After polls close, results will automatically post to the group. I'll gather and announce the results at the active boards and comms in the TC community and winners (or those that tie, in such cases) can feel free to pick up their awards here or email me for them. They will be yours to display as you wish, and a link back to the group  is not required though it would be appreciated to keep interest going for future awards.
Nominee and winners lists will be kept at the group as usual, and I'll also post results in the usual area of my site. Other site owners are encouraged to also share/promote the results of the awards whether you win or lose. Never hurts to support each other and give winners some props and linkage.
Questions and concerns can be posted to the group:
Remember, you have to be a member to vote. Voting takes place in the Polls section of the group, and detailed how-to's can be found in the Rules and Procedures file stored in the Files area.

Please come out and support your favorite sites, fan art and fan fics!

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